Residential Properties as a component of your investment portfolio

01 Investing in Berlin

We develop made-to-measure solutions for investing capital in property, combining good net yields with common sense.

All the signs point to continuing positive development in the Berlin property market. Private investors are using residential property as a capital investment ensuring steady net yields as purchase prices in Berlin continue to rise. Our modernised and energy-efficient renovated apartments can be let as new properties, not subject to rent control caps. This guarantees reliable income, for instance as personal pension provision.

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More than just a place to stay in Berlin:
Home in a place of your own

02 Residential property in Berlin

There are so many reasons for deciding to buy. Today’s economic climate favours the acquisition of property in the city. Then there is the prospect of further increases in property value and rising rental values in one of the best-loved cities in the world, along with low interest rates. It makes sense to buy now.

We build for people who really want to feel at home.

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What do we do when our clients are happy?
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03 Services provided

We aim to provide the same levels of service that we ourselves would expect from a property developer. That is our yardstick and that is why we at SAMONIG Berlin cover every aspect of project management from A-Z. We describe ourselves as ‘fully integrated’ property developers.

We carry out renovations as though we were working on our own homes. We check behind the grey façades of grand old buildings, as any private investor would do. We stay in contact with clients and offer backup even after completion of a project. We always aim to find optimal solutions. The secret of our success is maintaining high standards in all aspects of energy-efficient renovation and modernisation. This only works because we handle everything from A-Z, offering an outstanding combination of expertise and commitment in the interests of our clients and investors.

Setting a benchmark for Berlin: We are specialists in every aspect of renovating old buildings to modern energy standards and project management, all under one roof – with sales advice and property management services too.

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